Realise the value of your leisure property

Leisure property agency and professional consultancy services.

If you are considering the sale or leasing of your leisure property, need an accurate valuation for the balance sheet purposes, or need professional help advice and support with making the most of your leisure property assets GVA's Hotels and Leisure team are highly skilled leisure property professionals who can add real value. With international and UK-wide experience, you'll get the benefit of in depth industry knowledge, high-profile marketing expertise, specialist planning and teams of skilled negotiators.


Valuation is an art, not a science. When it comes to landed property, no two holdings are alike, which makes it especially important that someone with appropriate skills, qualifications and expertise is engaged to help. This is particularly relevant in the case of leisure properties, where the value is often not in the bricks and mortar but more in the location, general amenities and – sometimes the key element – the skill of the operator. Is the business one for which there will be good demand in the future? Or conversely, have tastes altered leaving the business in decline? What changes could be made to enhance its revenue generation potential? Can the business be operated in a more efficient or cost-effective way to increase profit?

Answering these questions takes a sound knowledge of the leisure industry and an appreciation of the nuances of individual business operations. With the leisure industry moving into increasingly niche areas, choosing the right firm gains greater significance if the valuation, proposals and marketing strategy are to be successful.

Marketing and consultancy

We listen, making those vital people-to-people connections and marketing your property in its most positive light. We're sensitive, astute and diligent when it comes to planning and business consultancy advice along the way, perhaps in the dissolving of a company or parttnership, the merits of leasing, management contract or a joint venture.

Worldwide expertise

Our network of offices across the UK gives us an unrivalled knowledge of leisure markets at a local level, while our international expertise extends across Europe, the Caribbean, North America and the Middle East

To find out how GVA's Hotels and Leisure can help you realise the value of your leisure property, contact one of our specialist teams.